Commercial Lighting

GSFIBER Commercial Lighting

We at GS Fiberlite use State of the Art Lighting to light up your business and make it stand out. Whether you want to light the Perimeter of your building, elevators, even your floors. We will work with you to make that great first impression on your clients.

GSFiber provides safe, reputable, and low maintenance lighting solutions to many commercial lighting projects. Applications like walkway lighting, courtyards and many others. The limits are up to your imagination.

Walkway Lighting

Fiber optics are the ideal lighting solution for these remote locations due to their low maintenance requirements. The lights carry no electricity in either the cable or end fittings and emit no heat. As such, they are perfectly suited to adverse weather conditions.


Courtyards & Squares

The benefits of using fiber optics for these projects is substantial. It is very flexible, robust and easy to install, color changes are easily achieved and it is virtually maintenance free, with Lamp Replacement only every 50,000 Hours. In addition, as the cable is electricity-free, there is no fire risk and it can even be installed underground or underwater.

Mirror Lighting

Infinity mirrors work by bouncing light between two mirrors – one fully silvered and one semi-silvered. This mirror installation uses relatively large points of light, but they can be made on a smaller scale with 1 or 1.5mm diameter fiber.