Residential Lighting

GSFIBER Residential Lighting

Fiber Optic/LED Lighting can be used virtually anywhere in or around your residence. From Star Ceilings, Landscape Lighting, Cove Lighting, to Pool Star Bottoms/Pool Lighting, which is the most beautiful and safest way to light your pool. The possibilities are endless. Please speak to us regarding your visions or custom designs. We will make it happen.

Be it indoor or outdoor, fiber optic lighting presents one of the safest approaches to decorative illumination in residential applications. 

Dining Room Lighting

Fiber optic/LEDs are the ideal lighting solution for these remote locations due to their low maintenance requirements. The lights carry no electricity in either the cable or end fittings and emit no heat. As such, they are perfectly suited to adverse weather conditions.


Cabinets & Displays

GSFiber offers an array of cabinet and display lighting that is low voltage, low profile and energy efficient. This same unobstructed lighting can illuminate display cases to show artifacts, collections or memorabilia.

Patio  & Deck Lighting

Light travels on slender, flexible cables that end in points of light — small emitters that you insert into holes drilled in your decking. Because there’s no electricity or heat conducted, the cables and light are safe in any type of weather.