Fiber Optic/LED Lighting is suitable for many different areas of application. From large fully DMX controlled installations in
bars and nightclubs, to the subtle and unobtrusive illumination of precious artifacts in museum cases, fiber optic
lighting can provide a great solution. To make it easy to see examples of the type of lighting you are looking for, we
have broken this section down by application type.

Residential Lighting

Fiber optic/LED provides an ideal method of safely lighting cabinets, patios, dining rooms and more, as it eliminates harmful UV and IR rays, found by conventional lighting.

Commercial Lighting

Applications can include in-ground and linear sideglow marker lights, walkway lighting, effect lighting for mirrors, courtyards and many others. The limits are up to your imagination.

Under Water Lighting

Pools, spa baths, saunas, fountains and garden water features can all benefit from being lit and with fiber optics you can offer another dimension with color changing light.