Under Water Lighting

GSFIBER Under Water Lighting

Our Underwater Division is dedicated to bringing our clients the security and beauty of lighting up the waters. We offer the brightest LED lights available within the market place. We can light up a marina or your personal dock which provides safety and security for vessels or simply viewing the beautiful marine life. Contact us today and let us show you what lies beneath the water.

Pools, spa baths, saunas, fountains and garden ponds features can all benefit from being lit and with fiber optics you can offer another dimension with color changing light.

Wet & Humid Areas

Fiber Optic/LED Lighting are ideal for wet or humid areas as demonstrated by these photographs. While this single domestic project is on a ‘grand scale’ the effects are just as suitable for use in a smaller scale property or used individually.


Pools & Spas

In the pool, jacuzzi and fountain the fiber optics are underwater, but since there is no electricity at the delivery points for the light this is quite safe. In addition, the water does not need to be drained in order to effect a lamp change, thus reducing inconvenience and maintenance costs..

Bathroom Lighting

Domestic Bathrooms can be enhanced with fiber optic lighting without the risks of heat and electricity associated with conventional lighting. This page shows some examples of fiber optics employed in domestic bathrooms.